Primary School Museum                                                          Marshall House Museum

Founded: 1971
Incorporated: March 26, 1973
The Newton Historical Society is a registered 501(c)-(3) non-profit organization.


"To bring together those people interested in history, especially in the history of Newton, New Hampshire.  In addition, the society will make every effort to arouse public interest by publishing historical information in newspapers and newsletters; by holding meetings and historical presentations etc... and operating the town's two historical museums."


"The Newton, NH Historical Society shall collect artifacts, documents and other materials and items proffered to the Society and accepted by the Curators.  Said items and other information that celebrates Newton's history will be preserved, and exhibited for public viewing.  The archiving/cataloging of documents, artifacts and photos will be a prime objective of the Society.  The Society shall maintain the Village Primary School Museum and its contents as well as maintain the contents of all buildings on the Marshall House Museum property."